BeyondBeauty Americas - Miami Beach

Join the international beauty community at BeyondBeautyAmericas – Miami Beach, the new B2B beauty trade show connecting the North and South America beauty industry to foster business relationships, celebrate beauty and diversity.

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The Gateway to the Americas' Beauty Market

With an extensive portfolio of global B2B beauty events, Informa Markets is launching BeyondBeauty Americas – Miami Beach on February 4-6, 2021, the first comprehensive US beauty platform strategically bringing all major beauty industry sectors together to connect with the North and South America and the Caribbean Islands.

Positioned in a unique location — Miami Beach — the show is gathering the international beauty communities at the “Gateway of the Americas” to foster business relationships, further inspire, and shape the future of a diverse and vibrant beauty world. 

A celebration of cultural diversity and self-expression, championing beauty and health, BeyondBeauty Americas – Miami Beach gives voice to creators, entrepreneurs, influencers, and investors to collaborate and bring innovative trends to the beauty industry.