Trends in Beauty Food Supplements

Beauty-from-within products are booming. According to Analytical Research Cognizance, the global beauty supplements market is projected to grow by 8.8% to reach $7.64 billion by 2025. The growth is driven by consumers approaching health, wellness and beauty in a holistic way and turning to ingestible beauty supplements that help to nourish them from the inside out.

Beauty, food and wellness brands release supplements, vitamins, powders, and ingestible for skin health designed not only to combat external concerns (acne, aging, and depleting collagen levels) but also promote overall wellness.

The market space evolves into a lifestyle as consumers are seeing that fitness, wellness and beauty go together. The recent launches are blurring the category lines between beauty, health, wellness and food and are now available in beauty specialty stores, beauty department store counters, food store shelves and DTC via social media.

New formats emerging tapping the need for flavor, enjoyment and convenience

Supplements typically come in pill form, but, increasingly, consumer interest in alternative delivery forms due to “pill fatigue” is driving the development of innovative delivery formats. 

The way nutraceutical products are packed is becoming increasingly important in leading consumer choice, on-the-go formats allow for consumption everywhere and anywhere; eye-catching designs facilitate consumer choice in stores.

Ingestible in the form of chocolates, gummy bears and liquid shots are taking off in the inner beauty world. SugarBear Hair features an innovative delivery form – teddy bear shaped colorful supplements with a sweet taste. Vitybox offers on-the-go liquid shot format with collagen, keratin and hyaluronic acid. Ceramiracle bridges the gap between food and beauty with Ageless Delight Beauty Chocolate.

Beauty Chocolate
Beauty Chocolate? Yes, please!

Personalization, an emerging trend in the supplement industry

As personalization continues to become more and more popular in the beauty industry, it’s time for beauty supplements to get personal too. Personalization becomes an opportunity for brands to develop beauty supplements that target needs of consumers in a more bespoke way, through the use of AI, microbiome and DNA testing to directly target consumers’ personal needs.

Brands have emerged offering tailored vitamin regimen. LifeDNA, offers DNA tests to provide customers with hyper-personalized supplements that are tailored to their genetic need. Paragon Vitamins’ innovative approach starts with a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), that informs precisely what the body needs at the cellular level, then analyzes the data, and formulates the purest bio-available combinations of personalized nutrients.

Care/Of offers quiz to answer a series of questions-including basic stats, health goals, and lifestyle habits-and then build a personalized daily vitamin pack geared to address consumer specific concerns.

Clean and transparent label still to be standardized in the supplement industry

Today, there is no specific framework addressing nutricosmetics in FDA or EU regulation on the safety of beauty supplements or the legitimacy of their claims. Just as the skin care industry has seen the rise of skintellectuals, the supplement space will likely see the entry of the savvy supplement shopper, there is an opportunity for brands for more honesty in language and claims, and also in branding and design. As the claims, ingredients and efficacy of certain supplements on the market are already increasingly questioned, the market is seeing the rise of brands and retailers aiming to offer greater transparency and products backed by clinical data.

The perception of supplements is shifting from a health aid to a hit beauty product

More and more stores from fashion to beauty, like Sephora, Barneys, Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Ulta are giving supplements an even larger platform to be celebrated. Retailers are expanding the space in their beauty departments devoted to wellness products with the launch of ingestible beauty products, rolling out pills and drinkable liquids loaded with exotic herbs, vitamins, seeds, berries and substances such as collagen.

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