Little Book of Natural Ingredients

Beauty Ingredients Trends: Accelerating Towards Healthy Beauty

As health awareness rose exponentially in the past few months, so did the demand for natural and healthy beauty products. According to a Euromonitor webinar ‘Health and Beauty in the Coronavirus Era’, “the global health crisis has accelerated the wellness movement and all related micro-trends, as consumers have shifted their attitudes and consumption habits towards products and services focusing on health,  ‘clean’ propositions and emotional well-being. Demand for immunity and preventio

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Beauty branding

Beauty Brands Today: Be Bold, Be Authentic, Be Inclusive

Centdegrés is an international creative firm powered by more than 100 talented people around the world. Its mission is to concentrate all its creative forces on helping its clients win their battles, maximize their impact and challenge the status quo through creativity.
Centdegrés is a NETWORK SPANNING 11 COUNTRIES AND 19 STRATEGICALLY LOCATED OFFICES and provides deep insight into your every business needs, from brand definition to creative deployment. Centdegrés shapes the brand’s entire ecosystems with a full spectrum of services and expertise across numerous industries and business sectors

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Emerging Beauty Trends amidst Disruption

BBAM: More and more beauty companies brand themselves along terms like ‘conscious beauty’, ‘green beauty, ‘blue beauty’ – are there clear definitions and criteria for these terms?

Michael Nolte: Not only is there no internationally accepted, industry-wide definition, the criteria vary across categories, because the ingredients and manufacturing processes involved are at times fundamentally different.

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cosmetic chemists

Beauty Today – Industry Insights from the Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Founded in 1945 and celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year, the SCC is the oldest and largest non-profit organization serving the cosmetics and personal care industry. Dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic science, SCC headquarters provides unparalleled education, resources and networking for more nearly 6,000 members globally and via 19 chapters across North America. Visit for more information. Read more about the impact of recent challenges on the cosmetics industry and how SCC members are adapting

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South America: a Unique Beauty Market

BEAUTYSTREAMS is the global beauty industry reference. A one-stop information source for strategy, marketing, and beauty product development teams worldwide, BEAUTYSTREAMS provides color forecasts, product innovation concepts, consumer insights, brand strategy, short and long range trends, trade show reporting, and industry news.

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Skincare Trends Alert

Skincare industry trends are evolving over the years, with existing movements transforming with changing demands of a more ‘skintellectual’ consumer while new developments appear with

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